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Last updated: August 02, 2019

Xooa API gateway exposes always-on, permanent, cloud API endpoints for Custom Smart Contracts, XLDB, and Xooa Managed Smart Contracts.

Using the API endpoints, a client application may securely interact with a distributed ledger network using minimal knowledge of the DLT network topology or underlying distributed ledger technology.

Navigating links ahead will land your web browser on an OpenAPI 2.0 compliant documentation and sandbox (for those endpoints labeled with “try”).

Introduction (read)

  • Authentication & Authorization

  • Synchronous vs asynchronous calls

  • Result (read & try)

    Fetch the status and result of a previously queued API call

  • Event Subscription

    Use this Websockets (or API endpoint for subscribing to events emitted by a smart contract

Identities (read & try)

Manage identities and API keys programmatically across your custom smart contracts, XLDB, and Xooa managed smart contracts

Custom Smart Contracts (Fabric & Ethereum)

  • Contract Deployment and Lifecycle (read & try)

    Implement CI/CD pipelines for your custom smart contracts using this API endpoint and your favorite CI/CD tool

  • Contract Interaction (read & try)

    Interact with deployed custom smart contracts functions

Ledger (read & try)

Get blockchain metrics (such as block height) of your XLDB or Custom Smart Contracts ledger

XLDB Core (read & try)

XLDB is your centralized or distributed private blockchain database without the smart contract overhead.

With this endpoint, you may interact with XLDB to manipulate and query the mutable document store, i.e. World State, or get the transaction history from the immutable ledger

XLDB Managed Smart Contracts

Xooa’s Private DLT Apps allow non-blockchain developers to easily put-to-use popular DLT use cases.

  • Asset Management (read & try)

    Your hub for managing all digital assets on a private centralized or distributed immutable ledger. With this endpoint, you may create, destroy, update, and transfer assets between identities

  • Record Management System (coming soon)

  • ERC20 and ERC721(read & try)

    Manage ERC20 and ERC721 compliant tokens on your own private blockchain ledger and transfer tokens within your identities

  • Bonds (read & try)

    Issue and offer or purchase fixed rate bonds on a secure and private distributed ledger. Each identity may be an issuer or an investor. The app takes care of calculating interest.

  • Voting (read & try)

    Create an election or referendum and collect votes on your private ledger. Your identities are the electorate, each having own API key.