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Last updated: November 22, 2018



The Details tab provides information about your app. Some of the information is descriptive and some of it needed to identify the API endpoint for executing functions in the smart contract.

  • App Name

    The display name of your app. The default value is in the Xooa.yaml file, but can be overridden .

  • Description

    Optional description. The default value is in the Xooa.yaml file, but can be overridden.

  • Readme

    Optional. The default value is in the Xooa.yaml file, but can be overridden.

  • API Endpoint

    Endpoint for calling functions in the smart contract.

  • API Documentation and Testing

    URL for testing API endpoints. You can also test smart contract function calls.

  • App ID

    Unique ID for this app.

  • Branch

    The GitHub branch from which the smart contract has been deployed.

  • Deployed Version

    A counter registering each upgrade of the app.

  • Blockchain Technology

    Blockchain technology used to deploy your smart contract.

  • Chaincode Language

    Programming language of the smart contract. The default value is in the Xooa.yaml file, but can be overridden.


An identity is someone with an API token and a given set of permissions to access the APIs for the app. From the Identities tab, you can perform actions such as:

  • Add identities
  • Delete identities
  • Regenerate an API key for an identity
  • Identity ID

    A unique identifier of the identity. This is not the API token of the identity.

  • Name

    A descriptive name for the identity. Notice that the name does not need to be unique.

  • Access

    Determines if an identity with the API token can only read the ledger or also write to it.

  • Manage Identities

    Determines if the API token for this identity authorizes them to create other identities. Typically, such an identity represents an administrator.



    An identity authorized to manage other identities can always create identities with write access to the ledger.

  • Token Generated On

    Local date and time for when a token was last generated for the identity.

  • Actions

    Perform actions on the identity such as:

    • Delete: Deletes the identity and revokes its API token.
    • Regenerate: Generates a new API token and revokes the previous token.


Provides a history of activity related to the app. Activities include things like redeploying the app, identity-related actions, and upgrades.


View smart contract logs from the last 10 minutes. What events are logged depends on how you have coded your smart contract. Click here for details on Hyperledger Fabric’s logging.


Delete your app from xooa or update your app from GitHub.

Delete App

Deleting the app will remove the end point and related chaincode from Xooa. This operation is irreversible and you will never be able to access the app data again on Xooa. If you need to download the data, use an External Peer. External peers are not affected by this operation.

Upgrade App

Refresh the app with the smart contract code currently in the GitHub repository used for creating this app.

External Peers

Blockchain data may be exported outside Xooa by deploying an External Peer. Once syncing is complete all your data will be available on the External Peer. You will have to create a new blockchain network because we do not export crypto material beyond what is is provided to download on the console for bootstrapping an External Peers to connect to Xooa network and sync your blockchain.

You can also download external peer for the ledger that has been shared with you. The peer will keep in sync with all the shared ledgers as well.

We provide a Docker Compose file. This file runs peer container in your local machine.

The downloaded peer is coupled with the External Ledger. It can be used to view transactions by visiting http://<peer ip>:8080/

Deleting a peer will revoke the access of external peer. It will no longer sync with Xooa. Access to already synced data will remain available with the external peer.


The Ledger tab allows you to browse activity in the ledger. You can:

  • Get an overview of activity
  • View and search transactions and blocks
  • View block signatures
  • Dashboard

    Overview of current and recent activity on the ledger.

  • Blocks

    Details about blocks generated in the ledger.

  • Transactions

    Details of transactions.



Sharing allows you to provide access to the blockchain ledger explorer to other Xooa users. Enter the email address associated with the account with which they log in to Xooa and they will get an email inviting them to share your ledger.

Ledgers that are shared with you will appear in your ledger explorer and you can select between your ledger and shared ledgers:

Screenshot of a ledger explorer with a shared ledger

You can revoke access to your ledger explorer by clicking Share, and then clicking Revoke next to the email you want to stop sharing with.