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Design Console

This is the default console option selected. It allows you the ability to create and manage apps, ledgers, networks, etc.

This console provides the full-feature set of the Xooa platform to you. Once the blockchain app is ready to use, you can either use the blockchain app as-it-is or share the app with other users to provide the runtime capability to other users.

Runtime Console

This is the console available for app users. You can run the apps shared with you in this console. The view and permissions provided to the app users can be accessed only.

It declutters the Xooa console, allowing only the runtime capabilities of the app. It is focused on providing access to the end-users who don’t have to worry about the design of the app.

Multi-language support is available for the runtime console. To avail of this feature, get in touch with the Xooa sales team.


This feature allows you to grant access to your ledgers to other Xooa users. Enter the email address associated with the account used to log into Xooa and they will get an email inviting them to your ledger. You can collaborate with your team by giving access to your ledger.

To manage users:

  • Click on the profile icon at the top-right corner.
  • Click Team.

Ledger access

You can grant access to the selected external ledgers to another user. The invited user will be able to manage apps on those selected ledgers.

You can revoke access to your account by clicking Team, and then clicking Revoke next to the email you want to stop access for.

Write Code

The Write code feature as the name suggests allow you to write smart contract code directly in the Xooa console and deploy immediately on the blockchain ledger.

Supported languages

Sample codes for each of the supported languages are also available below the IDE.

Hyperledger Fabric

  • GoLang
  • Node.js
  • Java


  • Solidity



For Node.js smart contract, fabric-shim interface is supported only. If you would like to include multiple files or use high-level interface, use local upload, GitHub, or VS Code extension as the deployment menthod.

Last updated: June 02, 2021