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Last updated: May 02, 2019

External Peers

Blockchain data may be exported outside Xooa by deploying an External Peer. Once syncing is complete all your data will be available on the External Peer. We provide only limited crypto material for bootstrapping an External Peer to connect to Xooa network and sync your blockchain ledger.

You can also download external peer for the ledger that has been shared with you. The peer will keep in sync with all the shared ledgers as well.

We provide a Docker Compose file. This file runs peer container in your local machine.

The downloaded peer is coupled with the blockchain ledger. It can be used to view transactions by visiting http://<peer ip>:8080/

Deleting a peer will revoke the access of external peer. It will no longer sync with Xooa. Access to already synced data will remain available with the external peer.


The Ledger tab allows you to browse activity for your Xooa’s ledger, custom contract ledger and shared ledgers.

You can:

  • Get an overview of activity
  • View and search transactions and blocks
  • View block signatures
  • Dashboard

    Overview of current and recent activity on the ledger.

  • Blocks

    Details about blocks generated in the ledger.

  • Transactions

    Details of transactions.



Sharing allows you to provide access to the blockchain ledger explorer to other Xooa users. Enter the email address associated with the account with which they log in to Xooa and they will get an email inviting them to share your ledger.

Ledgers that are shared with you will appear in your ledger explorer and you can select between your ledger and shared ledgers:

Screenshot of a ledger explorer with a shared ledger

You can revoke access to your ledger explorer by clicking Share, and then clicking Revoke next to the email you want to stop sharing with.

Deployment Token

A deployment API token holds a set of permissions to access the deployment APIs. From the Deployment Token tab, you can perform actions such as:

  • Add token
  • Delete token
  • Explore Deployment APIs
  • Label

    A descriptive label for the token. Notice that the label needs to be unique.

  • Token Generated On

    Local date and time for when a token was generated.

  • Actions
    • Revoke: Revokes the deployment API token. Actions performed in the past using the token is not affected.