Roles of a Drop Admin

A drops admin manages the published drops that comprises the following operations:

1. Minting of NFT editions

2. Creation of drops

3. Managing drops

4. Unpublish Drop

5. End Drop

6. Reschedule drop

Drop Settings in Design Console

App admin can customize the Drops feature by setting the values for each of the operations in the design console -> Publish -> Drops

By default, Xooa’s configurations are applied if app admins do not have their own Queue-it account. If app admins have their own Queue-it account, then they can find those details from the Queue-it console to use them in the following fields in Xooa’s design console under the Drop settings:

Queue-it Outflow: This is the maximum number of redirects allowed per minute. However, this value can be changed for any waiting room from the Queue-it console. Login to Queue-it console -> Monitoring -> Monitor -> change the “Max Outflow” and click Update.

PreQueue Time (in minutes): This is time in minutes before the start of the event. For example, pre queue time is 30, then the waiting room starts 30 min before the drop begins.

Waiting Room Layout: Provide the name of the theme created in the Queue-it. This will set Layout for Queue-it waiting room. To create a new theme, login to Queue-it console -> Manage -> Custom Themes -> Add new theme.

Drop Time Zone: This will set the time zone visible to users in the Queue-it waiting room.

Issued By: This is a text field whose value will appear on the Join Drop page.

Drop Notification Email: In addition to drop admin, you can add other users and send email notifications regarding the drop activities.