Drop Creation

In order to create drops, the drop admin must mint the NFT editions.

Minting of NFT editions

Only the drops admin has the right to mint collectible on the entire platform minted marketplace.

1. Deploy your marketplace and run as Drop Admin

2. Sign in to the marketplace -> select Run as Drop Admin from menu bar, select Drop Admin

3. On the My NFTs page, click Mint Collectible

4. In the popup window, enter the asset details and browse to upload the NFT

5. Set the number of editions to more than one; as a drops feature is used for selling multiple editions of an NFT

6. Enter all the details in the Asset tab

7. On the Royalties and Selling tab -> in the Available for purchase through field, set as Future Drop. This sets the token to be used for creation of drops and the sale of the token will only be allowed as part of drops

8. Check Enable Crypto Payments if you wish to accept payments in crypto in addition to Fiat.

9. In the Contracts Information tab -> Blockchain Network field -> set as Ethereum or Polygon and add the corresponding contract address. The contract address field is not mandatory.

10. Click Mint. The minted token will be displayed on the My NFTs page

Creation of Drops

A Drops Admin creates a waiting room to sell the editions of a token. These drops can be scheduled for sale by setting the date, price, and schedule the timings for the sale. Buyers must buy the tokens within the set time or the Drops will end.

1. Go to My Drops –> click Create Drop.

2. Enter the Drops name, write Drops description, browse and add the image of the collectible and set the value for the editions.

3. Select the collectible’s cover image for the drop. This will be visible on the drops page. However, when the token is bought, the buyer gets the asset that was minted.

4. Set Drop Time and the Drop End Time as required.

5. Select Save as Draft only if you are going to schedule the drop for a future date and time.

6. Click Create. If the Drop Admin’s KYC is not verified, then the KYC form will popup. Fill in the required details such as Country, Entity type, Name, DOB –> click Next

7. Based on the country selected, a list of statutory documents is shown in the drop-down. Upload any one of the documents –> click Submit. Once verifed, you will receive an email notification.

8. On the My Drops page, click Create. The drop will be created.

9. Go to Drops tab to find the token ready for sale.

Display and Edit Labels

A Drop Admin can edit or introduce labels on a live or scheduled drop to enhance sales. The lables can display quick information about the drop, such as: “Ending soon”, “Limited Edition Sale” etc.

  1. Go to My Drops page

  2. Click Create Drop. A form will open

  3. Fill in the details in each field

  4. In the Labels field, enter the information that you want to display on the drop card

  5. Click Create

To edit the labels:

  1. Click More on the drop card to open the form

  2. Enter the changes in the Labels field and click Submit

The information you entered in the labels field will be displayed to all the users on the drop page.



A drop admin can only set three such labels for display.