Early Access feature

An early access feature enables users the privilege of accessing and buying certain NFTs before the start of the public drop. The users must qualify certain conditions i.e; they must own certain NFTs that are specified by the Drop admin while creating a drop. Those conditions will be the qualifying criteria for early access.

  1. In the app, Go to My NFTs and Mint Collectibles

  2. Go to My Drops -> click Create Drop

  3. Fill in the details in each field

  4. Set the drop start and end time in the respective fields

  5. Select Early Access checkbox. Early access time slot field will be enabled

  6. Select the time earlier than the public drop start time

  7. Enter numeric value in Early access purchase limit. This is to limit the number of purchases, per user, during the early access period

  8. In the Early Access Eligibility NFTs field, paste the token IDs that will be eligible for early access

  9. Click Create



The early access period starts before the public drop period and ends when the public drop time begins. The purchase limit and the number of chances given to the user per early access period are set by the drop admin. Drop admins will notify, off platform, if a user qualifies for early access. When the users login to the app, they will see the Buy button enabled before the live drop begins indicating their eligibility to early access.