About Drops

A drop refers to a listed date, time, and price for a brand-new release of a single or collection of NFTs. The drops feature allows buyers to enter the live sale room to buy the NFTs as soon as it’s launched. The Drop admins can create and manage drops, mint NFTs, schedule a sale, publish, unpublish, hide, delete, end and/or reschedule a drop.

About Drop Admin

A Drop Admin can perform the following operations:

  1. Mint NFTs

  2. Set various drop mechanics such as:
    • Creation of Drops
    • Early Access
    • Mystery Box
    • Packs
    • Drop Tags
    • Waiting Room
    • Drop Level Royalties
  3. Manage Drops
    • Publish
    • Unpublish
    • Hide
    • Delete
    • End
    • Reschedule
    • Extend Drop time
    • Show Inventory