Mystery Box

A mystery box drop contains multiple minted NFTs. The drop admin creates a mystery box which is a single drop with multiple minted NFTs, to which the users/drop participants are randomly allocated one NFT from the mystery box upon participation in the mystery box drop.

Steps to create a Mystery Box Drop

  1. Go to My NFTs -> Mint Collectibles

  2. Fill in the details and click Mint Collectibles. Ensure to mint more than one collectible

  3. Go to My Drops -> click Create Drop

  4. Fill in the drop name, description, attach image and set sale price

  5. In the Select Collectible field, select more than one NFT to create a mystery box

  6. Click the + icon to view the probability % allocated to each NFT for the mystery box

  7. Set the drop start and end time

  8. Add tags and labels in the fields

  9. As per requirement for the drop, select the checkbox for Early access, Save as draft and Disable waiting room

  10. Click Create

  11. Go to the Drops page to view the Mystery box as one of the drops

Steps to buy from a Mystery Box Drop

Users can buy the NFT editions from the mystery box option on the Drops page.

  1. Go to the Drops page and find the mystery box drop

  2. Click Join Drop on the mystery box

  3. Complete the buying procedure to view the mystery/surprise token that will show on your My NFTs page