A pack is a type of drop where the collector gets more than one NFT. Drop admins can create Packs in a drop and set the no. of NFTs in a pack. The probability percentage of NFTs allotted to each pack is automatically calculated. These NFTs are randomly allocated, and the Packs will contain multiple editions of each selected NFTs. The packs feature increases the user’s chance at getting either a variety of NFTs or more editions of the same NFT.


The Drop Admin must have already minted multiple tokens in My NFTs page before trying to create a drop with packs.

Steps on how to create Packs in a drop:

  1. Go to My Drops -> click Create Drop

  2. In the Drop Details tab, enter the details in each field

  3. Select Packs as the Drop Type (Single/Mystery Box/Packs)

  4. Select the NFTs -> select multiple NFTs

  5. Enter a numeric value in the Number of NFTs in a pack field. The total editions must be divisible by the number of packs
    For example: If you have selected two collectibles with five editions each, then there are 10 editions in total. You must now enter a number that is divisible by two. If the number is not divisible by the number of editions, then an error message is thrown. Number of packs created is auto calculated.

  6. Click to expand and view the probabilities of packs

Example of Packs
NFT A 100
NFT B 50
NFT C 10
160 Total Editions available for the pack

Select Collectibles NFT A NFT B NFT C

Number of NFTs in a Pack = 8 - Total editions in Select Collectible should be divisible by this value

Number of packs created to be purchased by end users (Calculated value = Total Editions / Number of NFTs in a Pack) - 20

  1. Go to the Royalties tab
    a. If you select Royalty Free, then there’s no further action required
    b. If you select Subject to Royalty, then
    • Enter the primary royalties at the drop level and the royalties calculation will happen on the drop sale price.
    • In the packs, if one of the NFT is royalty free and the others are subject to royalty, then the primary royalties set at the drop level is applicable.
  2. Go to the Early Access tab. Enabling early access gives the users the privilege to enter the public drop early and buy the NFTs.
    a. If you do not wish to enable Early Access, then there is no further action required
    b. If you enable Early Access, then:
    • Set the access time and date
    • Set the AND/OR functions based on which the early access NFTs will be displayed -> click Add Token Id and enter the token Ids(there is no limit to adding the token Ids)
    • Set the purchase limit to ensure there is fair trade during the public drop
  3. Click Create

Steps on how to buy packs from a drop:

  1. Sign in as an NFT User

  2. Go to the Drops page

  3. Select an NFT and click View Drop

  4. If the drop has started, then the Buy button will be enabled -> click Buy

  5. On the purchase order popup, you have two options:

    • Enter the cardholder’s name, email, phone number and card details and click Authorize Charge OR
    • If Crypto payments option is enabled, then you have the option to Purchase using Ether to complete the buyer journey

The content of the purchased NFT Packs will be visible in the buyer’s My NFTs page.