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Premium Enterprise
Monthly Price As low as $0.02/block. Free trial (start here) Starts at $1,000 (request quote)

Core Features

Premium Enterprise
Serverless, Consortium-less
Dedicated Private Network
Users 1 5+
Private Ledgers 2 Unlimited
Public Ledgers 1 N/A
Cloud BaaS Integration Xooa (native, shared) AWS, Azure, IBM, Oracle, Xooa
High Level DLT Use Cases Centralized or Distributed Centralized or Distributed
Deploy smart contracts in minutes
Ready-to-use blockchain database (XLDB)
Off-chain Integrations with popular cloud services
Browser-based management
Programmatic management
Share data
Add your own nodes
Private and public blockchain networks
Blockchain management Managed by Xooa Managed by Xooa or self-managed
Security Standard + Enhanced(add-on) Enhanced and end-to-end VPC
Fair usage Crypto-mining prohibited, higher API rate limits, commercial workloads. You allocate your cloud resources and you set the limits.
Support Email, chat, or phone Premium + SLAs

Connector Features

Premium Enterprise
Use any number of connectors
Connect with Salesforce
Connect with QuickBooks (Intuit)
Connect with Microsoft Dynamics, Flow, PowerApps
Connect with 1500+ cloud services using Zapier

Expert Features

Premium Enterprise
Sample library
Client SDKs
Permanent API RESTful endpoints and in-browser sandbox
Blockchain technology-agnostic APIs and SDKs
CI/CD for blockchain


Premium Enterprise
Public repos
Private repos
Deploy smart contract w/o GitHub integration

Hyperledger (Private)

Premium Enterprise
Availability Today. (start here) Today. Invitation only. (request quote)
Hyperledger Fabric version 1.4 You decide
Always-on endorsing peers Shared/minimum five peers and two availability zones Dedicated/as desired
External peers Three observer and endorsing peers As desired
Data isolation Full (multi-tenant) Full (single tenant)
CA, Orderer, ZooKeeper, Kafka, Ledger Database Shared Dedicated

Ethereum - Public

Premium Enterprise
Network Support XooaNet XooaNet
Program with Solidity

Ethereum - Private

Premium Enterprise
Availability Today. Invitation only. (request quote)
Private blockchain
Data isolation Full (single tenant)
Last updated: August 26, 2020