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Last updated: July 31, 2019
Free Premium Enterprise
Price No cost, no strings attached (start here) Free trial. (start here) Call for details. (Request demo)
Best for Individuals who are looking for the easiest and fastest way to learn, experiment, prototype, and reliably use blockchain. Organization needing support and more advanced customization. Organizations needing the highest level of control, flexibility, support, and security.

Core features

Free Premium Enterprise
Serverless, Consortium-less
Enterprise blockchain
High Level DLT Use Cases Centralized Centralized or Distributed Centralized or Distributed
Deploy smart contracts in minutes
Ready-to-use blockchain database (XLDB)
Integrations with popular cloud services
Browser-based management
Programmatic management
Share data
Add your own nodes One node
Private and public blockchain networks
Blockchain management Managed by Xooa Managed by Xooa Managed by Xooa or self-managed
Security Standard Standard + Enhanced(add-on) Enhanced and end-to-end VPC
Fair usage Crypto-mining prohibited, API rate limits, personal use workload. Crypto-mining prohibited, higher API rate limits, commercial workloads. You allocate your cloud resources and you set the limits.
Support Email, chat, or phone Premium + SLAs

Connector features

Free Premium Enterprise
Use any number of connectors
Connect with Salesforce
Connect with QuickBooks (Intuit)
Connect with Microsoft Dynamics, Flow, PowerApps
Connect with 1500+ cloud services using Zapier

Expert features

Free Premium Enterprise
Sample library
Client SDKs
Permanent API RESTful endpoints and in-browser sandbox
Blockchain technology-agnostic APIs and SDKs
CI/CD for blockchain


Free Premium Enterprise
Public repos
Private repos
Deploy smart contract w/o GitHub integration

Hyperledger (private)

Free Premium Enterprise
Availability Today. (start here) Today. (start here) Today. Invitation only. (request here)
Hyperledger Fabric version 1.4 1.4 You decide
Always-on endorsing peers Shared/minimum five peers Shared/minimum five peers and two availability zones Dedicated/as desired
External peers One observer (read-only) peers Three observer and endorsing peers As desired
Data isolation Full (multi-tenant) Full (multi-tenant) Full (single tenant)
CA, Orderer, ZooKeeper, Kafka, Ledger Database Shared Shared Dedicated

Ethereum - public

Free Premium Enterprise
Network Support XooaNet XooaNet XooaNet
Program with Solidity

Ethereum - private

Free Premium Enterprise
Availability Today. Invitation only. (request here)
Private blockchain
Data isolation Full (single tenant)