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Quick Start for Xooa Ledger DB

Last updated: May 13, 2019

Write to the blockchain ledger

Your XLDB is created for you. You can straightaway write data to it.

Using interactive UI

We can invoke functions directly from the UI. You won’t even need the API token.

  1. Go to the World State tab, and then select Add.

  2. Select Use Sample. It will populate the key and value fields for you.

  3. Click Save.



    You have saved data in a blockchain ledger by using Xooa.

Using API Explorer

We can invoke functions from the API documentation, but you will need the API token.

Let’s create an API token first.
  1. Go to the XLDB > Identities tab, and then click Add New

  2. Enter an identity name and from API Access Permission, select Read+Write.

  3. Click Create. You’ll get a message that the identity has been enrolled and the API token generated.

  4. Before you dismiss the message, click Copy. The token is now in the clipboard.

  5. Store the token somewhere safe. You will need it to authorize every API request.


    Xooa does not store the key. If you lose the key, you will have to generate a new one, invalidating any existing API clients.

Let’s invoke functions from the API documentation.
  1. Go to the API tab, and then click Explore API’s. The API Explorer, including the API documentation, opens.

  2. In the top left there is an input field for the API token. Paste the token you copied earlier here.

  3. From the navigation, go to XLDB > Create.

  4. In the key-value field, enter the data you want to store in the ledger in the format:

    [ "<key>", "<value>" ]

  5. Click TRY.



    If your HTTP response code was 200, you have saved data in a blockchain ledger by using Xooa. Check instructions in the message or the API documentation for other return codes.

Read from the blockchain ledger

  1. To view transactions, go to Transactions.
  2. Click the transaction ID to get additional details about the transaction
  3. To view world state, go to World State.
  4. Expand the field to get the detailed structure of value.