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  • Forms

    Enter data to the blockchain ledger using forms providing simple UI to the user. Available for XLDB only.


  • Network Sharing

    Share just the external networks with other users without sharing the full account access.

  • Asset Management app updated

    Asset Management app now supports Asset tracking using coordinates and addresses. New APIs can be used from API tab of your Asset Management app.


  • New feature added: Dashboard

    Visualize your data in the form of charts or tables. Adjust the metrics according to your requirement. Personalize your dashboard for each app. Learn more

  • Asset Management app updated

    Track assets on a map by providing location coordinates during asset creation and update. Check out the latest video to learn more about it


  • Deploy multiple Xooa Managed apps

    Deploy multiple instances of Xooa managed apps such as XLDB on a blockchain network.

  • One Click deployment of Azure and Oracle Networks

    Import network files from Azure and Oracle with single click to Xooa. Deploy apps to Azure or Oracle networks directly from Xooa.Try it out


  • Notifications feature added

    Get notifications for important activities in Xooa console such as app lifecycle changes, account sharing, etc. Check all notifications here

Last updated: April 30, 2020