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  • Do more with Blockchain Apps

    Now you can employ ready-to-use templates to get started on blockchain use cases with pre-configured schemas, forms, and dashboards. Retest your existing networks to make them available again for app deployment.

  • New way to manage networks

    Get a richer experience with blockchain networks by managing external peers directly from the Network section, receiving verbose network information, and more.


  • Forms

    Enter data to the blockchain ledger using forms, which provides a simple UI to the user.


  • Network Sharing

    Share just the external networks with other users without sharing the full account access.

  • Asset Management app updated

    Asset Management app now supports asset tracking using coordinates and addresses. New APIs can be used from API tab of your Asset Management app.


  • New feature added: Dashboard

    Visualize your data in the form of charts or tables. Adjust the metrics according to your requirements and personalize your dashboard for each app. Learn more

  • Asset Management app updated

    Track assets on a map by providing location coordinates during asset creation and update. Check out the latest video to learn more about it


  • Deploy multiple Xooa Managed apps

    Deploy multiple instances of Xooa-managed apps such as XLDB on a blockchain network.

  • One Click deployment of Azure and Oracle Networks

    Import network files from Azure and Oracle with a single click to Xooa. Deploy apps to Azure or Oracle networks directly from Xooa.Try it out


  • Notifications feature added

    Get notifications for important activities in the Xooa console such as app lifecycle changes, account sharing, etc. Check all notifications here

Last updated: July 20, 2020