Asset Management is a Xooa managed smart contract app. It provides the APIs to maintain the assets and their ownership.

An asset is comprised of mutable and immutable components which are the asset details and the asset properties respectively. The immutability of blockchain makes it impossible to modify the history of transfers or updates and guarantees its append-only nature.

You can also trace the asset on the map if you provide the longitude and latitude of the asset’s location in the transaction.

Units defined in the value field refer to the maximum number by which an asset can be divided.

This app provides the APIs to maintain the assets and their ownership. With these API endpoints, you may create, destroy, update, and transfer assets between identities. More details on the Asset Management APIs can be read and tried here.

The World State of Asset Management provides access to information about the latest owners and asset details. More details about World State, Transactions, and other app-related features can be read here.

Do you prefer video tutorials? Check out the video tutorial for the Asset Management app here.

Each of the solution templates inherits the properties of the most applicable managed smart contract. In addition to the managed smart contract, you will get pre-built forms and dashboards relevant to the use case.

Case Management

Manage and track patient conditions and vitals, and control how information is shared. Comply to HIPAA regulations using this template. You’ll find a pre-built case details input form and a dashboard comprised of charts and tables for patients with positive cases.


Manage all critical components of shipping including location-tracking and sensor data for temperature-based SLA.