Seller account & KYC

Steps to create and verify seller account (KYC)

  1. Sign in to your NFT marketplace

  2. Go to Money Wallet –> click Start KYC. A KYC wizard form facilitated by our partner, Stripe, will open

  3. Fill in the required details such as Country, Entity type, Name, DOB –> click Next

  4. If additional details are required, an email notification is sent and in the chart on the Money Wallet page, there will be a call-to-action button Complete KYC

  5. Click Complete KYC –> a wizard form opens asking for additional required details and documents. Fill in the details and upload the required documents

  6. Click Submit. Once the documents are verified, the status on the Money Wallet page changes to “Enabled”. The information is stored in our database for our legal team to prevent fraudulent activities.



i. KYC verification is mandatory for buyers on NFT transactions above USD 3000

ii. If the KYC is under validation, and status on Money Wallet page is KYC in Review, then users are allowed to buy/Join Drops/sell NFTs

iii. If the KYC is under validation and the status on Money Wallet page is Complete KYC, then the users are allowed to sell NFTs but, not allowed to Join Drop/Buy

iv. When the status is KYC in Review, the offline validation is in progress at the backend. Meanwhile, users are allowed to buy and/or sell the NFTs through FIAT or Cryptocurrency

v. Until the users submit all the required details, the call-to-action button on the Money Wallet page will be Complete KYC

Steps to add bank details for payout

  1. Once you complete KYC verification and the payments status is “Enabled”, Add Bank Details is enabled

  2. Click Add Bank Details. Enter your bank account details

  3. Click Link to save the details and link your bank account to your money wallet.