App Admin FAQ

Who can mint NFTs in Platform Minted Marketplace?

Only the Drops admin can mint NFTs here.

How to mint NFTs for direct listing?

Drops admin can list NFTs for direct sales when minting. Go to My NFTs –> click Mint Collectibles –> In the Royalties and Selling tab –> in the Available for purchase through field, user gets two options:

  1. Future Drop: to create a drop in the future for the NFT
  2. Direct: to list the NFT for direct sales in the marketplace The drop admin must select Direct to list the NFT for direct sales. The token can be viewed in the Market tab and will not be available for Drops listing.
What is a Drop?

A drop refers to a listed date, time, and price for a brand-new release of a single or collection of NFTs. The drops feature allows buyers to enter the live sale room to buy the NFTs as soon as it’s launched.

The Drops admin can create and manage drops, mint NFTs, schedule a sale, unpublish an NFT, end and reschedule a drop. The live drop room allows a limited number of buyers to participate in the sale.

If they do not buy within the stipulated time, the buyer is removed from the drop room and the next buyer in queue is given a chance.

What is the role of a Drop Admin?

Roles of a Drop Admin

A drops admin manages the published drops that comprises the following operations:

  1. Minting of NFT editions.

  2. Creation of drops.

  3. Managing drops.

  4. Unpublish Drop.

  5. End Drop.

  6. Reschedule drop.

How to create Drops?

To create drops, the drop admin must mint the NFT editions.

A Drops Admin creates a waiting room to sell the editions of a token. These drops can be scheduled for sale by setting the date, price, and schedule the timings for the sale. Buyers must buy the tokens within the set time or the Drops will end.

  1. Go to My Drops click Create Drop.

  2. Enter the Drops name, write Drops description, browse and add the image of the collectible and set the value for the editions

  3. Select the collectible’s cover image for the drop. This will be visible on the drops page. However, when the token is bought, the buyer gets the asset that was minted

  4. Set Drop Time and the Drop End Time as required

  5. Select Save as Draft only if you are going to schedule the drop for a future date and time

  6. Click Create. If the Drop Admin’s KYC is not verified, then the KYC form will popup. Fill in the required details such as Country, Entity type, Name, DOB –> click Next

  7. Based on the country selected, a list of statutory documents is shown in the drop-down. Upload any one of the documents –> click Submit. Once verifed, you will receive an email notification

  8. Click Create. The drop will be created

  9. Go to the Drops tab to find the token ready for sale.

How to manage (cancel, delete, end) Drops?

The Drops Admin must manage the drops that are live. They have the rights to unpublish and end the drop.

Publish Drop

Drops admin can publish the token if it was previously unpublished or saved as draft.

  1. Go to My Drops tab

  2. Click Publish on the token which is visible only when the token has been unpublished or saved as draft

Unpublish Drop

Drops admin can unpublish a token from the drops page before the scheduled time. However, the unpublish option will not be available if the waiting room has started.

  1. Go to Drops tab

  2. Click Unpublish on the NFT

  3. On the popup window, click Unpublish to confirm

  4. Refresh the page to see that the token will not be displayed in the Drops tab. It will be saved as draft in the My Drops page

Delete Drop

Drops admin can delete the token from the drop. If a drop is saved as draft or unpublished, drop admins can delete it from My Drops page. The drop can be deleted, and the token can be reused to create a new drop.

  1. Go to My Drops

  2. Click Delete

  3. Confirm deletion by clicking Delete on the popup page. The token will be deleted from the drop

End Drop

Drops admin can cancel the drop at any time if the sale is not progressing as expected.

  1. Go to My Drops tab

  2. Click End on the token

  3. In the popup window, click End to confirm the action. This shows that the sale has ended or sold out

Reschedule Drop

Drops admin can reschedule the sale date and time if the drop’s waiting room has not started. drop admin can unpublish it and can click on publish and set a new time. Or if drop is saved as draft, drop admin can click on publish and change the time

  1. Go to My Drops tab

  2. Click Unpublish on the token –> confirm by clicking Unpublish on the popup page

  3. Click Publish on the token –> set new date and time

  4. Click Publish

Where can I see inventory of live drops?

Drop admin can go to the My drops page and click Show Inventory for Live Drops. To know more on how to enter live Drops, click here.

How to end users participation in a drop?
  1. The Marketplace will list NFTs for sale at specific times and dates through drops. Visit the Drops page to see drops that are active and scheduled.
  2. If you view a drop within 30 minutes of its scheduled start, you’ll be able to participate in it by clicking Join the Drop, which will bring you to the virtual waiting room. From there, you’ll be assigned a random spot in the queue at the scheduled time of the drop.


What is a waiting room?

A Drops Admin creates a waiting room to sell the editions of a token. These drops can be

scheduled for sale by setting the date, price, and schedule the timings for the sale.

How to participate in a drop?

If you’re interested in purchasing a specific NFT, you can join a waiting room with other customers who have also joined before the scheduled drop time.

You’ll remain in the waiting room until the drop starts and the queue opens. The time you enter the waiting room won’t affect your placement in the queue.

How to purchase an NFT during a drop?

To purchase an NFT during a drop, go to the Drops page -> click Join Drop on the token -> join the drop and you will be redirected to the Queue-IT page that will assign a random spot in the queue.

Once you get to the front of the queue, you’ll enter a new virtual room where you can purchase the NFT if the editions are still available.

Click Buy and complete the payment process within the stipulated time. The purchased NFT will reflect in your My NFTs page.

What is secondary market?

The secondary market is where owners of NFTs on the Marketplace can list their NFTs for sale at their desired price for other Marketplace users to purchase.

From the My NFTs page, users can choose to have their NFTs marked for sale and those NFTs will be listed on the secondary market.

Other users will be able to browse all available NFTs within the secondary market and choose to purchase based on the listed price.

As a Seller, how can I accept crypto payments?

First, you’ll need a crypto wallet that you can connect to the Marketplace. We currently support MetaMask. On the Money Wallet page, click Connect Wallet. When connected, you will see the amount of Ether in your wallet and your public key.

Next, you must fully verify your account by visiting your Money Wallet and clicking Complete Verification. Upon completion of this form, your verification will be reviewed by the marketplace’s support team and the partner, Stripe, for regulatory compliance.

All submissions are recorded and reviewed in the order they are requested, so there will be a waiting period that varies based on demand. Unless we reach out about an issue, no action is required from you.

Once the verification is complete, your Ether account will automatically show up on every NFT that you list for sale. Crypto purchases are done in a peer-to-peer manner on the Marketplace.

When a buyer purchases an NFT from you in crypto, you’ll automatically see the money show up in your account in addition to details on the transaction under the Audit section of your Money Wallet page.

Why don't I have the option to purchase every NFT on the secondary market with crypto?

The option to purchase an NFT with crypto on the secondary market is only available if the seller has a crypto wallet connected to their Marketplace account and have completed the full verification process.