• API Endpoint
    Endpoint for calling functions in the smart contract.

  • API Documentation and Testing
    URL for testing API endpoints. You can also test smart contract function calls.

  • API Explorer
    Test the API endpoints for the smart contract upon authorizing use for the identity API token.


The history of API calls that have been made to the app filtered by the date range specified.

  • Time
    The time at which the API call was made.

  • Method
    Request method for the API call.

  • Path
    The endpoint called.

  • Response time
    The time taken to get the response for the API call.

  • Response code
    The response code received by the user for the API call.

  • Client IP The IP address from where the API call was generated.

  • Identity ID
    The Identity used to make the API call.


An identity is someone with an API token and a given set of permissions to access the APIs for the app. From the Identities tab, you can perform actions such as:

  • Add identities

  • View identities

  • Delete identities

  • Update identities

  • Regenerate an API key for an identity

  • Identity ID
    A unique identifier of the identity. This is not the API token of the identity.

  • Name
    A descriptive name for the identity. Notice that the name does not need to be unique.

  • Access
    Determines if an identity with the API token can only read the ledger or also write to it.

  • Manage Identities
    Determines if the API token for this identity authorizes them to create other identities.Typically, such an identity represents an administrator.



An identity authorized to manage other identities can always create identities with write access to the ledger.

  • Token Generated On
    Local date and time for when a token was last generated for the identity.

  • Actions
    Perform actions on the identity such as:

    • View: View the identity details such as access permissions and public key.
    • Regenerate: Generates a new API token and revokes the previous token.
    • Update: Update the access permissions of the identity.
    • Delete: Deletes the identity and revokes its API token.