The moderator of the app has the right to block certain activities of an NFT user when the account is on hold.

This can be when a fraudulent activity is seen on the account or when the Stripe KYC verification has noticed abnormal transactions on secondary markets.

How to block certain activities of a fraudulent user?
  1. Login as a Moderator on the platform minted marketplace.
  2. Go to the Users tab -> you will see a list of users, their tokens and its details.
  3. Click Actions dropdown on the user ID that must be blocked -> select Block User.



An email notification will be sent to the user with the support team’s contact details.

The blocked NFT user will not be able to:

  • Mint/Sell tokens
  • Buy any token
  • Join drops
  • Gift token/edition
  • Payouts will be withheld
  • Royalty recipient transactions will be put on hold



Each time the blocked user tries to transact, a notification message will be flashed on screen asking them to contact the support team.