Claim NFT from a Drop

The users are eligible to claim free NFTs. To claim a free NFT, the user must click on the claim URL link sent to the users via email.

The user must follow the below steps to claim a drop:

  1. From the drop email notification click on the claim URL link.
  2. Click Sign In and provide your credentials to sign in the application.
    signin Popup
  1. Click Claim using web3 wallet or Claim using web2 wallet to claim a drop based on the user preference.
    Claim Airdrop
  1. The user has successfully claimed and can view the below success message.
    Airdrop Success Message



  • If the user has claimed a drop and the same user is trying to claim the drop once again, the user can view It seems you have already claimed this drop. You cannot claim it again message on the application.
  • If the user is not eligible to participate in the drop, the user can view You are not eligible to participate in this drop message on the application.