The FAQs are aimed to educate, inform and guide you through both User Minted and Platform Minted Marketplaces on our application.

What is platform fee?

Platform fee is the sum of the transaction cost incurred by Stripe and Xooa for processing each transaction and the margin set by the marketplace owner. Sellers are charged the platform fee when they sell their NFTs.

The platform fee can be configured in the design console under the Payment and Fees section.

The platform fee can be set for both:

  1. The Initial Sale percentage refers to the first sale of an NFT.

  2. The Secondary Sale percentage refers to the subsequent sale of the NFT.

Initial Sale is applicable to the user minted NFT Marketplace only.

How to enable crypto payments?
  1. Go to the design console of your NFT marketplace.

  2. Go to Publish -> Payment and Fees.

  3. Enable Crypto Payments. The field below will enable Connect with Wallet option.

  4. Click Connect with Wallet and select the crypto wallet that you have an account in.

  5. Click the Save button below the field.

What is seller payout frequency?

The seller payout frequency is the interval at which sellers on your NFT marketplace will receive the payouts. This setting can be configured in the design console under Publish -> Payment and Fees -> Seller Payouts Frequency.

Weekly payments will be disbursed every Monday and the monthly payments are scheduled for the 1st of every month.

Which cryptocurrencies are supported at Xooa Marketplace?

Currently, Xooa supports only Ethereum cryptocurrency for transactions.

Which crypto wallets are supported?

Currently, Xooa supports the Metamask wallet.