The FAQs are aimed to educate, inform and guide you through both User Minted and Platform Minted Marketplaces on our application.

Profile/Seller Storefront

How to personalize your profile?
  1. Go to your Profile page.

  2. Click the edit button. The page will enable edit options for all the features.

  3. Click the edit button to change Profile image -> browse and upload new image -> click Save.

  4. Click the edit button to change the cover page -> browse and upload new image -> click Save.

  5. Click the edit button to change the profile name -> type name -> click the save button.

  6. Click the edit button to change the cover page to your choice -> browse and upload new image -> click Save.

  7. Click the button to view various media options. Clicking on each media opens a popup page to share the storefront profile link on the platform. You can also share the link on email by clicking the email icon.

  8. Click Change Password to change the password.

  9. At the Storefront section, you can set items to display based on editions lowest ask and sale price.

  10. Click Bio to edit and customize branding for your storefront.

What is a seller storefront?

Seller storefront is a section on the Profile page where a user can see all his NFTs that are listed for sale.

How to embed NFT seller storefront on an external website?
  1. Login to your NFT marketplace.

  2. Go to Profile.

  3. Copy the URL of the profile from the address bar.

  4. Go to the external website -> in the website, click the editor.

  5. Click Add -> Embed- -> click embed a widget.

  6. Enter the code snippet or paste the website address of the NFT app and add a small code; ?code=embed.

  7. Click Apply and the storefront will be embedded in the website.

  8. Rearrange the look and feel as per your requirement and click Save.

  9. Click Preview. You can now view the seller storefront on the external website.

  10. Click Publish to embed the storefront on the external website.

How to add my social media profiles?
  1. Sign in to your NFT marketplace.

  2. Go to the Profile page.

  3. Click the edit icon on the page.

  4. Click the edit button next to Social Profiles.

  5. Fill in your social media account details and links in the popup window.

  6. Click Save.

What is the wallet address visible on my profile?

A wallet address is a randomly generated set of numbers and letters. A wallet address is ideally a one-time link generated by a wallet. Wallet addresses are needed to send or receive digital assets. Digital assets are not actually stored in a wallet.

Payment & Fees

How to create a seller account?
  1. Sign in to your NFT marketplace.

  2. Go to Money Wallet –> click Start KYC. A KYC wizard form facilitated by our partner, Stripe, will open

  3. Fill out all the required details such as Country, Entity type, Name, DOB, and based on the country selected, users can select from the list of statutory documents from the drop-down. Upload any one of the documents –> click Submit. In the chart on the Money Wallet page, the status will change to KYC in Review.

  4. If additional details are required, an email notification is sent and in the chart on the Money Wallet page, there will be a call-to-action button Complete KYC.

  5. Click Complete KYC –> a wizard form opens asking for additional required details and documents. Fill in the details and upload the required documents –> click Submit.

  6. Once the documents are verified, the status on the Money Wallet page changes to Enabled. The information is stored in our database for our legal team to prevent fraudulent activities.

How to add bank details?
  1. Once you complete KYC verification and the payments status is “Enabled”, Add Bank Details is enabled

  2. Click Add Bank Details. Enter your bank account details

  3. Click Link to save the details and link your bank account to your money wallet.

How do I get paid for my sold NFTs?

When users purchase your NFT then they can make payments via two modes:

  1. Card payments - Payments done via credit/debit card are credited to your Xooa wallet balance and to get paid for these you need to associate bank account and request payout each time you want to cash out.

  2. Crypto payments - This is applicable only when you have connected your crypto wallet and completed the seller verification. In the case of crypto payments, money will be instantly credited to your connected crypto wallet.

How do I accept crypto as a seller?

First, you’ll need a crypto wallet to connect to the Marketplace. We currently support MetaMask. On the Money Wallet page, click Connect Wallet. When connected, you will see the amount of Ether in your wallet and your public key
Next, you must fully verify your account by visiting your Money Wallet page and clicking Start KYC.

Upon completion of this form, your verification will be reviewed by the marketplace’s support team and the partner, Stripe, for regulatory compliance. All submissions are recorded and reviewed in the order they are requested, so there will be a waiting period that varies based on demand. Unless we reach out about an issue, no action is required from you.

Once the verification is complete, your Ether account will automatically show up on every NFT that you list for sale. Crypto purchases are done in a peer-to-peer manner on the Marketplace. When a buyer purchases an NFT from you in crypto, you’ll automatically see the money show up in your account in addition to details on the transaction under the Audit section of your Money Wallet page.

How do I enable crypto payments for my account as a seller?


Steps to enable:

  1. Sign In to your NFT marketplace.

  2. Go to the Money wallet page –> click Connect with MetaMask.

  3. Connect with the MetaMask account.



Connect with MetaMask option will be available only after the seller verification is completed.

What fees are associated with secondary market sales of NFTs?

There is a 10% fee.

How to request Payouts from Money Wallet?

Following are the steps to request payouts:

  1. Add your bank account details.

  2. Click Request Payout.

Payout requests will be processed within a stipulated time.


  • Users must have the MetaMask extension installed in the browser.

  • Seller verification must be completed.


  1. Go to Money Wallet.

  2. Click Connect with wallet.

  3. Click Connect with MetaMask and connect with crypto wallet.