When a token is set up for sale in the marketplace, the seller or owner can set the token as Royalty Free with no fee on any number of sales and resale of the token. However, if set to subject to royalties, then they have the option to set royalty values for initial sale and secondary sales. The set percentage from the sale price will then be paid to the owner or seller.

To set royalty recipient account, follow the below steps:

  1. Click Mint Collectibles

  2. Go to Royalties and Selling tab

  3. Select List for selling as ‘Yes

  4. Set the sale price

  5. In the Royalties section, select Subject to Royalties

  6. Paste the wallet address of the royalty recipient (KYC verified user) in the Participant (wallet address) field

  7. Set Initial sale percent and Secondary sale percent. The Prospective Disbursement Statement is calculated accordingly