View Rights Details

This page displays the asset details, license information, selling and transaction history. Minters can gauge the product authenticity using the View Rights Details page.

1. In the marketplace, click My Rights. The page displays the items owned by the seller or minter.

2. Click View Rights on any of the item block.

The view rights page has information of the Asset, Selling and Ownership, License and its Transaction History.


Click the License tab to view the license details associated with the item. The fields are disabled for users who are not owners of the item.

Unlockable Content

Features are unlocked upon premium payments and privileges. In case of images, an NFT creator loads low resolution image and when the image is purchased, the buyer will be given privileges to high resolution. In the Rights Marketplace, the actual rights data can be downloaded by the buyer only after they buy the rights such as contractual data, license agreements and other relevant data pertaining to the token.