About minting NFTs

Minting refers to creating a digital asset of a unique work of art, into a crypto collection, on a blockchain platform. Minting of NFTs happen on both decentralized public platforms and in closed marketplaces. These digital assets are safely stored in blockchain databases and cannot be edited, modified or deleted. To know about NFTs, click here

How to mint NFTs

Only Drop Admins have the right to mint collectibles, set number of NFT editions, create drops, set early access and manage the drops. This section elucidates the steps to be followed, by drop admins, to mint NFTs.

  1. Deploy your marketplace and launch app as Admin (default role)

  2. Sign in to the marketplace as a Drop Admin

  3. On the My NFTs page, click Mint Collectible

  4. In the popup window, enter the asset details and browse to upload the NFT

  5. Set the number of editions to more than one; as the drops feature is used for selling multiple editions of an NFT

  6. Select the Categories that best applies to the NFT and enter the Tags

  7. On the Royalties and Selling tab -> in the Decentralized Collection field, select the contract address from the dropdown

  8. In the Available for purchase through field, you can set either as Future Drop which sets the token to be used for creation of drops and the sale of the token will only be allowed as part of drops. Or, select Direct to directly list for sale in the marketplace. To know more about how to set Drop Level Royalties, click here.

  9. If you have not selected a contract address and set the token for Future Drop and select Subject to Royalties, then the Enable Crypto Payments option will be displayed. Check the option if you wish to accept payments in crypto in addition to Fiat

  10. Click Mint. The minted token will be displayed on the My NFTs page.

Public Blockchain Minting

Public blockchain minting is a decentralized process that enables users to mint NFTs and list them for secondary sales on public blockchain platforms such as OpenSea.

NFT Collections can be minted on the Xooa platform through ERC 721 smart contract. These collections include branding information (collection name, symbol, banner, and description) and royalty rules. Shortly after the first NFT of a collection is purchased (or gifted), the collection (and NFT) will automatically appear on OpenSea with the proper branding.

Steps to enable Public Blockchain Minting


  • Users must have configured the Relays on OpenZepplin. Follow the steps given under the section To Configure Relays.

  • Relays must have sufficient ETH balance, or the collections cannot be synced.

To use the public blockchain minting feature, the following four steps are important:

  1. Configure Relay on OpenZepplin

  2. Create Relays in the app’s design console

  3. Create NFT Metadata Templates in the app’s design console

  4. Deploy Collection in the app’s design console

To configure Relays

Relay is used to configure the public blockchain network and to pay the gas fee for minting on the public blockchain. App admins must pay the gas fee since they will be setting up the relays. Before configuring relay, you must sign up on OpenZeppelin to create a Relayer.

Steps to create Relayer on OpenZepplin

  1. Go to OpenZepplin

  2. Click Relay -> Create Relayer

  3. Enter Name -> select network accordingly. Use mainnet for production or testnet for development and testing.

  4. Click Create. The Success window will have the Ethereum wallet address from where the gas fee will be deducted, API Key, and Secret Key, which must be noted down as it cannot be retrieved later. (relayersuccess)

To create Relays

  1. Go to the design console -> Publish -> Public Blockchain Minting Pic1

  2. Click Create New under Relays

  3. Enter the <desired name> for the Relay

  4. Copy and paste the API Key and the API Secret that was saved when configuring Relays on OpenZepplin

  5. Click Create

To create NFT Metadata Templates

The metadata information will be mapped between the Xooa app and OpenSea, the public blockchain platform.

  1. Click Create New under NFT Metadata Templates.

  2. Enter the details for each field as explained in the table below

Field Action
Template Name Enter desired name for the template
Name, Description, Image URL and Animation URL No action required as the properties will be rendered automatically.
Attributes Enter the desired attributes based on your business requirements. For example: Token ID, Label, Serial Number, Total Supply etc.
  1. Click Create

To Deploy Collection

Collections are the smart contracts that defines how transactions must be processed on a public blockchain network. To deploy the collection, you must provide mandatory information such as Name, collection Logo, Symbol, Description, NFT Data mapping template and Relay in the collection form. When an NFT is first bought on Xooa’s marketplace, by the user, the corresponding collection will be available on the user’s OpenSea account.

  1. Click Deploy Collection

  2. Enter the details for each field as explained in the table below

Field Action
Collection Name Enter desired collection name.
Symbol Enter desired symbol for the collection.
Description Enter the description of the collection.
Collection Logo Drag & Drop OR browse to upload the collection logo.
NFT Data Mapping Template Select the NFT metadata template from the dropdown.
Relay Select the Relay from the dropdown.
Royalties Enter the recipient wallet address and set the Secondary Sale percent according to your business requirement.
  1. Click Deploy. The collection will be deployed on the Publish page.

  2. If you click the Contract address URL on the newly deployed collection tile, then the page will navigate to the Etherscan platform where you can see the transaction details.

  3. On the Publish page, click on the 3 dots on the newly deployed collection tile to verify the collection

Minting of NFT

NFT is minted twice – once on the centralized ledger and once on the decentralized ledger. The process is split into two phases:

  1. Direct minting on the centralized ledger that happens upon NFT creation

  2. “Lazy minting” on the decentralized blockchain that happens when NFT associated with decentralized collection is purchased in a drop (or airdropped).

Steps to mint tokens on Public Blockchain network

  1. Login to the app as a Drop Admin -> go to My NFTs -> click Mint Collectible

  2. Mint a token by entering the required details in the Assets tab

  3. Go to Royalties & Selling tab and in the Contract Address field, you will see the list of active contracts

  4. Select the contract address

  5. Click Mint

Drops Creation

  1. Go to My Drops -> click Create Drop

  2. Enter mandatory details in each field and click Create. The token will be minted on Xooa platform

Drops mechanics that Xooa offers are available for minting into OpenSea. These include:

  • Editions
  • Early access & passes
  • Timed drops
  • Drops
  • Mystery box
  • Packs
  • Waiting rooms
  • Low code drag-and-drop customization for metadata
  • Comprehensive white-label capabilities including CSS controls




When a drop is created and is live, and the user buys the NFTs from the drop, the NFTs will be available on the OpenSea platform. The users can link their wallet and view the newly bought NFT under the Collected page of their OpenSea account.

If a wallet address or crypto account is not connected to your account, then the token will still be minted on the public blockchain but, under a custody account. To know about custody accounts, click here

  1. If the user is unable to find the newly purchased NFT edition, then the user can import and view the collection on OpenSea using the contract address.

Steps to import collection on OpenSea

  1. Login to OpenSea with crypto wallet -> click on your profile image and select My Collection from the dropdown

  2. Click the 3 dots in My collections page and select Import an existing smart contract

  3. Select the phase where your project is - Mainnet or Testnet or Not Deployed

  4. Select the network and copy and paste the contract address from the newly deployed collection on the Publish page of your design console

  5. Click Submit. The collection will be imported into your OpenSea account and will be visible in the Collected page.