Promotion Code

Drop admin can create and associate promo codes to drops. The eligible users will have the privilege of applying the promotion code and can either buy the drop at a discounted price or claim at no cost.

Steps on how to create a Promotions page:

  1. In the design console of your marketplace, go to Pages -> go to Custom tab -> click Add New

  2. In the form, enter the name as Promotions

  3. Enter the navigation list as Promotions

  4. Select Plugins -> click Add Plugins

  5. Add the Label as Promotions and select Plugin type as Promotions from the drop down

  6. Click Add

  7. Click Save

  8. Go to Roles -> go to Drop Admin -> click Edit

  9. Scroll to find the Promotions page -> click the toggle button to enable the field

  10. Click to enable the plugin

  11. Click Save

Steps on how to create promotions:

  1. Sign in as a Drop Admin -> go to the Promotions page

  2. Click Create Promotion

  3. On the Create Promotion page, enter the details for each field:
    a. Name - Enter promo name
    b. Promotion Code - Enter promo code
    c. Select the checkbox to Enable Promotion
    d. Description - Enter description
    e. Start Time - Enter start date and time during which the promo code will be available
    f. End Time - Enter end date and time for the promo code
    g. Limit - Set the limit for number of users who can avail the promo code
    h. Select the discount type:
    - Fixed: buyers get a flat discount of n amount applied on the sale price
    - Percentage: discount % is applied on the sale price and the buyer has to pay the difference amount
    i. Discount Amount - Enter discount amount for fixed price or discount percentage, as applicable
    j. Promotion applicable on - currently supported only for Drops
    k. Select Drop - choose from the drop down

  4. Click Create

The promo code will be shown in the Promotions page. You can view the promo code status, applicable on and its usage. You can edit to change the details for each promo code.

Steps on how to use promo codes:

  1. Sign in as a user

  2. Go to the Drops page -> choose an NFT and click Buy

  3. In the order summary popup, click “Have a promo code?” link.

  4. Manually enter the promo code and click Apply. The discount will be calculated, and the final sale price will be displayed.

  5. Click Authorize Charge and continue to pay and complete the transaction or click Purchase using ether

  6. If there’s a 100% discount on the collectible, then you can click Claim and complete the buyer journey