The FAQs are aimed to educate, inform and guide you through both User Minted and Platform Minted Marketplaces on our application.

How to buy NFTs?

Steps to purchase the NFTs:

  1. Browse through all the NFTs present in the general market and the Featured marketplace.

  2. Click Buy on the NFT you wish to purchase.

  3. You can purchase the NFTs either by Fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

Whom can I gift or transfer the NFTs?

You can buy the NFTs and gift or transfer to any user within the marketplace. You cannot gift tokens to users outside the marketplace or to those who do not have valid user IDs and wallet address within the marketplace.

Where can I withdraw the NFTs?

When a token is withdrawn, it is found in the Ethereum or Polygon blockchain platform.

  1. Go to NFT Wallet -> click More -> Withdraw Token. A popup appears with the message – “This action will withdraw your token to Ethereum Network.”

  2. Click Withdraw. It will check for money wallet extension on your browser.

  3. Click on the money wallet to view the gas charges for your transaction.

  4. Click Confirm. A popup will confirm withdraw action. The page will navigate to Etherscan or Polygon where you can find the withdrawn token and its transaction history.

What are NFT editions?

Editions are the number of copies of a token that are made available for sale in the marketplace. The seller can set the number of editions to sell for each token.

Click Details on the token to view the number of editions that are for sale.

How to list, delist and destroy NFTs?

Delist NFTs

  1. Go to your NFT Wallet.

  2. Click More on the token -> select Delist Token from the drop-down. A popup will display a warning “This operation will delist your token from the marketplace.”

  3. Click Delist. The item will be delisted, and a success message will appear with the reference transaction ID.

List NFTs

To sell a token, it must have been delisted. The option to sell tokens is enabled only when such an action has happened.

  1. To sell a token, go to NFT Wallet.

  2. Click More on the token -> select Sell token.

  3. Set the price for the item and the PDS will be calculated accordingly.

  4. Click List. The item will be listed back in the marketplace, to be sold.

Destroy NFTs

This operation will destroy the token and is irreversible.

  1. Go to your NFT Wallet.

  2. Click More on the token -> select Destroy token.

  3. Click Destroy. The token will be destroyed and will not be available in your wallet.

Why don't I have the option to purchase every NFT on the secondary market with crypto?

The option to purchase an NFT with crypto on the secondary market is only available if the seller has a crypto wallet connected to their Marketplace account and have completed the full verification process.

How do I sell one of my NFTs?

All you need to do is visit the My NFTs page, select the NFT you want to sell, click Sell, provide an asking price for your NFT, and then list it. Once your NFT sells, you’ll receive a confirmation email and the proceeds of the sale will be deposited into your Money Wallet.

Why is my account temporarily on hold?

User account can be put on hold by the moderator of the app for the following reasons:

  1. If the Stripe KYC verification is incomplete or the feedback is negative.
  2. If the user account has been notified of fraudulent activity on the secondary market.

A blocked user will not be able to:

  1. Mint/Sell tokens.
  2. Buy any token.
  3. Join drops.
  4. Gift token/edition.
  5. Payouts will be withheld.
  6. Royalty recipient transactions will be put on hold.



Each time the blocked user tries to transact, a notification message will be flashed on screen asking them to contact the support team. Check your email and contact the support team for more information and instructions.

What is Early Access?

An early access feature enables users the privilege of accessing and buying certain NFTs before the start of the public drop.
The users must qualify certain conditions that are specified by the Drop admin while creating a drop.

How can I qualify for early access?

Drop admins will decide the qualifying NFTs and inform the buyers off platform about their eligibility for early access. For ex: buyers holding silver NFTs will be eligible for early access for a certain drop.

How can I participate in early access?

Drop admins will notify, off platform, if you qualify. However, when you login to the app, you will see the Buy button enabled before the live drop begins; indicating your eligibility to early access.