• Auction

    Auction is one of the methods of listing the NFTs for sell in the secondary market in addition to fixed price. In auction the seller provides a minimum price, and a time period and buyers can place bids on how much they are intent in paying for the NFT as long as they are above the minimum price. Once an auction is created, multiple bidders can bid for it, and the seller would accept the bid of their choice. To know all about auctions, click here.

  • Claimable Drop

    A claimable drop is offered to the NFT user as a gift/reward which can be accessed through a URL. These drops can be claimed without paying any price. The drop admin creates a claimable drop from the application and generates a claim URL. When a claim URL is generated, a system generated email is sent to the NFT user with the claim details. The admin configures an event-action framework for generation of claim URL. To know all about claimable drops, click here.


  • Collections

    Collections feature allows users to collect NFTs available on the collections page of the application. Once the NFTs have been collected, they can be viewed through the opensea platform. To know all about collections, click here.

  • Import NFT & Collections

    The import feature allows the user to import the user’s existing NFTs available in the open market to the Xooa platform once the user is connected to the application with their web3 wallet. This feature also allows to import the NFTs from any collection on the decentralized blockchain to the Xooa platform. To know all about import NFT & collections, click here

  • Promise

    The promise feature is an add-on benefit associated with each NFT. A promise can be anything such as a promo code, print of NFT, discount coupons, and mobile accessories etc. The promise can be claimed only once in the entire NFT lifecycle by the current owner of the NFT. To know all about promise click here


  • Event-Actions Framework

    When a certain event is triggered in the app, a corresponding action is executed. The app will have pre-defined set of event-actions configured but, the app owner can define custom actions against the pre-defined set of events such as configuring customized email content for events, integration with third-party apps using webhooks, runtime notifications etc. To know all about Event-Actions, click here.


  • Auto-generated Nickname

    Nicknames are assigned to protect privacy and identity of the users. App owners can now choose the nicknames generated when a new user registers. They can use the default common names set in the app or customize accordingly. The feature allows selecting either or both options and the nicknames will be randomly assigned to the users. To know how to configure the nickname dataset, click here.

  • Alternate Views

    This feature allows users to switch views on the page from the pre-defined view to an alternate view configured in the system. App owners can now select between WebXR-Immersive Renderer which is used to display VR in the marketplace and WebXR-Immersive Renderer (Drops) which will support VR for the Drops page. To know how to configure the views, click here.

  • Google Analytics (G4) Integration

    To understand how your marketplace is progressing, it is imperative to integrate and configure a mechanism that can track trends and patterns on your app. We have now introduced the Google Analytics (G4) Integration into the app. This feature allows app admins to integrate their app with the Google Analytics dashboard to track app traffic, page views, sign-in/sign-out events, and user engagement. In addition to that, it also facilitates e-commerce report generation based on the primary and secondary market sales and total revenue. To know how to configure, click here.


  • Packs Feature

    Packs are the NFTs that are bundled for sale in the marketplace through Drops. The Packs will randomly assign NFTs across all editions available in the collection. The probability percentage of NFTs allotted to each pack is automatically calculated. The highlight of this feature is that the collector will get more than one NFT. To know more, click here.

  • Promotions

    The promotion feature is introduced to publicize and create awareness of the sales of NFTs on the Xooa platform. The page will be hardcoded into the app. Drop admins can create promo codes and associate them with the drops. The eligible users can then apply the promo code during the checkout process and either buy the drop at a discounted price or claim at no cost. A user can use only one promo code per drop at a time and the discount can either be a percentage or a specific flat amount. To know more on this feature and how to use it, follow this link here.

  • Filtering feature in API Explorer

    To enhance the search results, we have now added filtering capabilities to the APIs where, the support of several operators is provided to filter the API results.


  • Public Blockchain Minting

    OpenSea collection can be created on the Xooa platform using the ERC 721 smart contract that is configured at the backend by Xooa. These collections will include branding information such as relay, NFT template, collection name, symbol, logo, description and royalty rules. Once an NFT is purchased, it will automatically appear in the collections on OpenSea and can be purchased from either of the platforms.

  • Mystery Box

    Xooa introduces the Mystery Box to their drops feature. A mystery box contains randomly allocated NFTs from either a specific or various collections. A mystery box is a surprise package that gives you special or rare products for a relatively low price. If you’re lucky, you may receive an NFT that’s worth more than it’s selling price. For more details and steps on how to create a mystery box, click here.

  • Drop Labels

    Labels are unique identification phrases that give additional information about the token (NFTs). During a live drop, the labels displayed on the drop card attracts attention of the buyers. Xooa has introduced the Drop Labels feature where the drop admins can add labels while creating the drop. These labels will be visible on the NFT drop cards. To know more about using labels, click here.

  • Extend Drop Time

    Drop admin can extend the drop time of a live drop, a drop that is yet to start and when the drop has ended or expired. However, the feature does not allow to extend drop time and date if a drop is sold out. Click here to know how to extend the drop time.

  • Early Access Feature

    This feature allows some privileged buyers to access the drop earlier than the public drop time. The advantage of providing early access is that it increases sales from genuine buyers. It is also a perk given by the drop admin to loyal customers. The customers are notified off platform of their eligibility for early access. However, the drop admin also sets a purchase limit and the number of chances given per user during the early drop time. To know more, click here.

  • Withdraw option on Public Bockchain

    While minting tokens on a decentralized blockchain platform, you can now withdraw the tokens.Upon successful withdrawal, you will find the token on the corresponding OpenSea Collection.

  • View Drop page Customization

    This robust feature allows drop admins to customize the view/join drop pages using the NFT Drop plugin in the design console. They can several features such as add text fields, media types such as audio and video clippings. Additionally, they can display nicknames, email, profile image etc. using the public key or wallet address. The drop admins will have access to low code data to change the labels and metadata as required. For detailed steps to enable this feature, click here.


  • Customizable Drop Card

    App owners can now customize the drop cards by changing the labels and adding metadata to their marketplace. This feature was introduced to encourage optimum utilization of the app’s robust features. For detailed steps on how to customize the drop card, click here.

  • Support of Checkout.com

    Xooa’s uniqueness is in catering to customer’s business requirement and consistently engaging in improving our services. We have thus introduced support of additional payment processor i.e. checkout.com for card payments. Checkout.com provides the platform owners with flexibility to choose the payment processor when selecting, negotiating and card payments. We are working towards introducing more providers. Stay tuned.

  • Hide Drops

    This feature allows to hide drops, from end users, based on tags and expiration days. App owners now have the option to add tags and manage the visibility of the drops based on tags and expiration time. For detailed steps on how to use this feature, click here.


  • KYC verification integration with Stripe

    The implementation of KYC validity by integrating it with stripe for identity verification, ensures genuine buyers to the marketplace. One of the major benefits of Stripe is it enables user to stay on the same site when making a payment, instead of being redirected to another site. It is also easy to setup recurring payments and the app will trigger mandatory KYC verification when transactions go beyond USD 3000. This feature allows individual KYC for most countries. The app allows starting the KYC verification process from multiple pages which makes it user friendly. Click here to know how to configure stripe for card payments.

  • View Token Plugin

    This special feature allows the platform users to add new fields for metadata, customize the style thereby providing a new spectacle to view the NFTs. It will comprise of all the features such as NFT metadata, transaction history, available editions, social share, buy option, and sort editions functionality. The platform owners must configure the plugin in the design console. To know more on how to configure, click here.

  • Social Share Feature

    Introducing the social share feature to boost market visibility of the app and the NFTs/drops. Social share allows users to display their NFT purchases on various social media platforms. This increases brand awareness as it reaches wider set of audience, brings more traffic towards the app and consequent conversions to sign up and for sale of NFTs. Currently, the app supports sharing on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and E-mail mediums.

  • Support of WalletConnect

    Xooa strives to increase its services by constantly evolving to support business requirements that are user friendly and has wider accessibility. Having multiple wallets is known to increase privacy and better aid in risk management in case of loss of private key. Regular investors will vouch for the benefits of having multiple wallets. Thus, staying on with the business trends, Xooa now supports WalletConnect in addition to Metamask for crypto purchases to overcome the shortcoming of Metamask not being supported in mobile browsers.



  • Launch of Drops feature

    The drops feature enables buyers to utilize/(participate in the) the sale of exclusive editions of the NFTs. The Drops room allows buyers to know when a sale is scheduled, enter the waiting room and buy the NFTs as soon as the sale starts.

  • Launch of solution templates for platform minted marketplace

    Platform minted NFT marketplace is a White-Label NFT Marketplace focused on tokens minted by platform owner only. It includes drops management, drops waiting room, secondary marketplace with peer-to-peer trading, withdrawal to Ethereum or Polygon, and NFT collectibles. You can explore it here.


  • Withdrawal of tokens on Ethereum and Polygon

    The White-Label marketplace users can now withdraw the tokens to either Ethereum or Polygon networks. The withdrawn token is available on the chosen network and can be used for further transactions on other platforms, and listed for sale on other marketplaces.


  • Launch of Self-Serve

    Build and launch your marketplace hassle-free! All White-Label customers have the option of self-serve. Use the self-serve options on the application to customize and deploy the marketplace without waiting for help from customer support. The renowned technology is evidently the best in the market with robust solutions and advanced features to design your marketplace. Look for documents here.


  • Build your own White-Label marketplace

    Build your own marketplace by using our customizable templates. The platform provides you with all the features in Xooa Market along with full control over branding activities such as, logo, NFT marketplace name, custom CSS, set terms, policies etc. You may also create your custom domain name using AWS CloudFront. For more information, check our Xooa docs page

  • Enablement of Crypto Payment

    In addition to fiat currency, now buyers can buy NFTs with cryptocurrencies using ether. This option is available for all the White-Label customers. To explore more, visit our marketplace https://app.xooamarket.com/p/general-market.


  • Application Workflows

    Design workflows to configure the flow of data in an application. Send emails, reminders, and notifications to users based on the business logic. Learn More

  • Xooa-managed Dedicated Networks

    Create a dedicated blockchain network directly from the Xooa console. The network will be managed and maintained by the Xooa team. Access to this feature is available to limited users. Contact Xooa Sales to get access to this feature. Try it out



  • Anonymous Form Submissions

    Embed or share forms directly with the end-users. Embed and share URLs are now available along with each form you create in your app. Go to Editor > Forms to create a new form.

  • Delegate App user management

    Select the app user management delegation while creating roles in you app. Go to Editor > Roles to create a new role.


  • Advanced low-code features and publish customized apps

    Manage app users using Pages and Roles under Editor tab. Provide your users with a customized app. Learn more about new features and capabilities here.


  • Manage end-user settings in Editor section

    The forms, dashboards, and end-user settings can all be configured at a single place in the app - the Editor section

  • API Section in Smart Contracts

    The Identities tab has been moved to within the API section.

  • Runtime Console

    The Console for the end-users of your app can access it from the Runtime console.

  • Customized app access to end-users

    Provide customized access to the end-users of your app who don’t have to worry about its design. You can build a frontend console for the app users directly within the Xooa platform.

  • New Solution Template - Loan Processing

    Loan Processing is now available as a managed Xooa application. Receive loan applications from borrowers, perform approval and underwriting, control the sharing of information.

  • New Solution Template - Claim Processing

    Claim Processing is now available as a managed Xooa application. Receive claim from claimants, approve or reject a claim.

  • New Solution Template - Subrogation

    Subrogation is now available as a managed Xooa application. Manage the debt or damages from the third party by tracking the claims and recovered funds.


  • New Solution Template - DMV

    DMV solution is now available as a managed Xooa application. Manage Driver and Vehicle records in this digital DMV solution. Use blockchain technology for the controlled sharing of information with other government agencies.

  • Do more with Blockchain Apps

    Now you can employ ready-to-use templates to get started on blockchain use cases with pre-configured schemas, forms, and dashboards. Retest your existing ledgers to make them available again for app deployment.

  • New way to manage ledgers

    Get a richer experience with blockchain ledgers by managing external peers directly from the Ledger section, receiving verbose ledger information, and more.


  • Forms

    Enter data to the blockchain ledger using forms, which provides a simple UI to the user.


  • Ledger Sharing

    Share just the external ledgers with other users without sharing the full account access.

  • Asset Management app updated

    Asset Management app now supports asset tracking using coordinates and addresses. New APIs can be used from API tab of your Asset Management app.


  • New feature added: Dashboard

    Visualize your data in the form of charts or tables. Adjust the metrics according to your requirements and personalize your dashboard for each app. Learn more

  • Asset Management app updated

    Track assets on a map by providing location coordinates during asset creation and update. Check out the latest video to learn more about it


  • Deploy multiple Xooa Managed apps

    Deploy multiple instances of Xooa-managed apps such as XLDB on a blockchain network.

  • One-Click deployment of Azure and Oracle Networks

    Import network files from Azure and Oracle with a single click to Xooa. Deploy apps to Azure or Oracle networks directly from Xooa.Try it out


  • Notifications feature added

    Get notifications for important activities in the Xooa console such as app lifecycle changes, account sharing, etc. Check all notifications here

Last updated: June 02, 2021