• Launch of Drops feature

    The drops feature enables buyers to utilize/(participate in the) the sale of exclusive editions of the NFTs. The Drops room allows buyers to know when a sale is scheduled, enter the waiting room and buy the NFTs as soon as the sale starts.

  • Launch of solution templates for platform minted marketplace

    Platform minted NFT marketplace is a White-Label NFT Marketplace focused on tokens minted by platform owner only. It includes drops management, drops waiting room, secondary marketplace with peer-to-peer trading, withdrawal to Ethereum or Polygon, and NFT collectibles. You can explore it here.


  • Withdrawal of tokens on Ethereum and Polygon

    The White-Label marketplace users can now withdraw the tokens to either Ethereum or Polygon networks. The withdrawn token is available on the chosen network and can be used for further transactions on other platforms, and listed for sale on other marketplaces.


  • Launch of Self-Serve

    Build and launch your marketplace hassle-free! All White-Label customers have the option of self-serve. Use the self-serve options on the application to customize and deploy the marketplace without waiting for help from customer support. The renowned technology is evidently the best in the market with robust solutions and advanced features to design your marketplace. Look for documents here.


  • Build your own White-Label marketplace

    Build your own marketplace by using our customizable templates. The platform provides you with all the features in Xooa Market along with full control over branding activities such as, logo, NFT marketplace name, custom CSS, set terms, policies etc. You may also create your custom domain name using AWS CloudFront. For more information, check our Xooa docs page

  • Enablement of Crypto Payment

    In addition to fiat currency, now buyers can buy NFTs with cryptocurrencies using ether. This option is available for all the White-Label customers. To explore more, visit our marketplace https://app.xooamarket.com/p/general-market.


  • Application Workflows

    Design workflows to configure the flow of data in an application. Send emails, reminders, and notifications to users based on the business logic. Learn More

  • Xooa-managed Dedicated Networks

    Create a dedicated blockchain network directly from the Xooa console. The network will be managed and maintained by the Xooa team. Access to this feature is available to limited users. Contact Xooa Sales to get access to this feature. Try it out



  • Anonymous Form Submissions

    Embed or share forms directly with the end-users. Embed and share URLs are now available along with each form you create in your app. Go to Interactive > Forms to create a new form.

  • Delegate App user management

    Select the app user management delegation while creating roles in you app. Go to Interactive > Roles to create a new role.


  • Advanced low-code features and publish customized apps

    Manage app users using Pages and Roles under Interactive tab. Provide your users with a customized app. Learn more about new features and capabilities here.


  • Manage end-user settings in Interactive section

    The forms, dashboards, and end-user settings can all be configured at a single place in the app - the Interactive section

  • API Section in Smart Contracts

    The Identities tab has been moved to within the API section.

  • Runtime Console

    The Console for the end-users of your app can access it from the Runtime console.

  • Customized app access to end-users

    Provide customized access to the end-users of your app who don’t have to worry about its design. You can build a frontend console for the app users directly within the Xooa platform.

  • New Solution Template - Loan Processing

    Loan Processing is now available as a managed Xooa application. Receive loan applications from borrowers, perform approval and underwriting, control the sharing of information.

  • New Solution Template - Claim Processing

    Claim Processing is now available as a managed Xooa application. Receive claim from claimants, approve or reject a claim.

  • New Solution Template - Subrogation

    Subrogation is now available as a managed Xooa application. Manage the debt or damages from the third party by tracking the claims and recovered funds.


  • New Solution Template - DMV

    DMV solution is now available as a managed Xooa application. Manage Driver and Vehicle records in this digital DMV solution. Use blockchain technology for the controlled sharing of information with other government agencies.

  • Do more with Blockchain Apps

    Now you can employ ready-to-use templates to get started on blockchain use cases with pre-configured schemas, forms, and dashboards. Retest your existing ledgers to make them available again for app deployment.

  • New way to manage ledgers

    Get a richer experience with blockchain ledgers by managing external peers directly from the Ledger section, receiving verbose ledger information, and more.


  • Forms

    Enter data to the blockchain ledger using forms, which provides a simple UI to the user.


  • Ledger Sharing

    Share just the external ledgers with other users without sharing the full account access.

  • Asset Management app updated

    Asset Management app now supports asset tracking using coordinates and addresses. New APIs can be used from API tab of your Asset Management app.


  • New feature added: Dashboard

    Visualize your data in the form of charts or tables. Adjust the metrics according to your requirements and personalize your dashboard for each app. Learn more

  • Asset Management app updated

    Track assets on a map by providing location coordinates during asset creation and update. Check out the latest video to learn more about it


  • Deploy multiple Xooa Managed apps

    Deploy multiple instances of Xooa-managed apps such as XLDB on a blockchain network.

  • One-Click deployment of Azure and Oracle Networks

    Import network files from Azure and Oracle with a single click to Xooa. Deploy apps to Azure or Oracle networks directly from Xooa.Try it out


  • Notifications feature added

    Get notifications for important activities in the Xooa console such as app lifecycle changes, account sharing, etc. Check all notifications here

Last updated: June 02, 2021