Low Code Features

Introduction to Blockchain

Public vs Private Blockchains: Know what the difference is between public and private blockchain. Find out which is best for you.

Mutable and Immutable databases: Understand the data storage in a blockchain. Know how immutability is maintained in a blockchain.

Xooa Ledger Database (XLDB)

Learn how to read and write to the XLDB. Explore the API endpoints and more.

Use Cases


Learn how to add a network managed outside of Xooa running on AWS, IBM, and Oracle.

VS Code Extension

Learn how to use the Xooa Visual Studio Code extension to deploy and upgrade the smart contract apps directly from the IDE.


Learn how to visualize your data in the form of charts and tables. Adjust the metrics according to your requirements and personalize your dashboard for each app.

Asset Management

Learn how to use the Asset Management app on Xooa. Create and transfer assets using simple APIs.


Learn how to use the ERC20 app on Xooa. Create your own tokens and transfer the tokens to other participants using simple APIs.


Learn how to facilitate voting on the blockchain in a trusted manner using simple APIs.


Learn how to use the DocuSign integration on Xooa. Track the status of documents and verify signatures on blockchain.


Learn how to use the Node-RED integration on Xooa. Integrating Node-RED with XLDB provides an immutable, trusted ledger for IoT sensor readings, security events such as door lock/unlock, motion sensor events, and device and Service Level Agreement performance proofs.

Last updated: June 02, 2021